Lazy Man’s Triathlon

At the Y, we realize there are Ironman Triathletes who train with us. And then there are the rest of us — people who look at Ironmen and women in awe. But every year, we give the rest of us a shot at a true triathlon — with a little longer time limits. The Lazy Man’s Tri lets you break a full triathlon down into increments that work for you! You’ve still got to do the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run. You just have a little longer to do it:

Up and Comer: Complete in 2 weeks
Olympic Hopeful: Complete in 7 days
Elite: Complete in 2 days

Competition dates: Currently not scheduled for 2017

Cost: Totally free!

Just sign up at the front desk, and track your distances on your record sheet. When you’re finished, turn your sheet into the front desk! Have fun and take it in stride!

SWIM 2.4 MILESswimmer_blu_rgb

Swim is 4,224 yards, which means 84.5 laps in our pool
You may also swim laps or use a kickboard

BIKE 112 MILESbiker_marathon_blu_rgb

Biking is not going to be an exact science. Outdoor biking is different from indoor cycling, so measure your miles as accurately as possible.
On average a cycle class is worth 10 miles
Feel free to use the cycles in the classroom whenever a class is not in session.

RUN 26.2 MILESrunning_grn_rgb_jpg

Hit the pavement! You can run it. You can walk it. You can stroll it — but make sure you log 26.2 miles!


2014 Finishers

Dale Bloomer

Leonard Baxter

Brilliani Gillem

Fred Chew

Jenny Tudor

Bill Menges